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Aug 13, 2019

This week on a very dark and dangerous episode of Fanboys, the guys expose a psych-rock drug ring, try to reconcile emo with trumpet solos, and get violently assaulted by a harsh noise terrorist. They also commanded me to show you a video of Ty eating Nutella out of a dude’s belly button using a Dorito, but… I’ve gotta put my foot down here. I’ve watched the video, and I cannot in good conscience subject anyone else to it. I don’t care if this costs me my job - I have standards. Anyway, if you want to hear the boys hang out with some ska zombies and get sucked into a pop-punk SNES game, grab the full episode on The Hard Times’ Patreon! Be sure to check out this week’s featured artists: The Dead Cobayas (, Breakup Haircuts (, The Pizza Boy (, Guardrail (, Grave Danger (, and Alone in the Universe (