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Sep 3, 2019

This week on a groovy and nostalgic episode of Fanboys, the boys celebrate a very contentious anniversary, hear an electronic tribute to America’s most talented actor, and reignite their dormant feud with Long John Silver’s. About that: for the record, Edgar’s opinions on Long John Silver’s do not represent the views of the Hard Times editorial team, who are perfectly willing to ignore LJS’s disgusting, bone-dry “seafood” in the name of brand synergy. Hit us up, Daddy Silver. Anyway, if you want to hear the Fanboys give some ill-considered sexual health advice and physically force Ty to listen to metal, grab the full episode on The Hard Times’ Patreon! And while you’re at it, PRE-ORDER THE HARD TIMES BOOK ( for a chance to win bitchin’ prizes! Be sure to check out this week’s featured artists: Blue Oni (, Gurglesplat (, Tony Hawk (, Coral Benders (, El Kabong (, and Bather (