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Sep 17, 2019

This week’s episode of Fanboys is pretty much Hard Times: The Musical. The boys rip off the Mountain Goats, stumble upon a metal song that even Ty likes (incredible, we know), and painstakingly BUILD THE BRAND with some help from the Hard Times Book Band. There’s a lot of music in this one. Like, it’s almost like Diego’s using this as an excuse to build his portfolio. Anyway, if you want to hear Ty’s girlfriend leave him over an ill-advised freestyle right before the Fanboys flagrantly disrespect Brian Eno, grab the full episode on The Hard Times’ Patreon! ( And while you’re at it, PRE-ORDER THE HARD TIMES BOOK ( for a chance to win bitchin’ prizes! Be sure to check out this week’s featured artists: Low Rentals (, Street Burrito