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Sep 24, 2019

This week’s episode of Fanboys starts out pretty and gets progressively more disgusting. The boys groove to some coffee shop james, dive into the freelance jingle-writing industry, and apparently unearth a forgotten relic of black metal. Then Diego writes and records a hair-metal promo for The Hard Times Patreon, and his gift comes with an opportunity: download the instrumental version (, slap your best hair metal vocals on top of it, and send it back to for a chance to be featured on the show! Anyway, if you want to hear the Fanboys fight the war on drugs and argue over the latest Hall of Famer, grab the full episode on The Hard Times’ Patreon! ( And while you’re at it, PRE-ORDER THE HARD TIMES BOOK ( for a chance to win stuff! Be sure to check out this week’s featured artists: Internet Dating (, Horrible Jingles (, Sorted Scoundrels (, Forbid (, FACELIFT (, and Dregs (